Home Page pulls up fine. . .However all other routes are giving me Page Not Found Looks like you've followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn't exist on this site

This is the link to my deployed site: https://main--timber-properties.netlify.app/

If you notice the home page renders but all other navigation links are not working. Not sure what I’ve done or the issue but it works totally fine when running locally. I will say that I have an Apollo Graphql Backend deployed at https://gql-api-timber-properties.onrender.com which is working (I’ve tested this as I’ve verified in the Network tab when running the client side app locally it navigates to the appropriate pages and pulls in the data just fine). . .

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Deploys from GitHub.

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I’m pretty new to actually getting everything to launch live so any insight / tips / suggestions is greatly appreciated!

@mjhcodeman1985 You can download the output of the deploy to check what files it contains:

You can also run precisely the same ‘build command’ you have set on Netlify, on your local system, and inspect the files that are output.

Either of these will quickly confirm that the files are missing, and then you’ll just need to determine ‘why’.

Note that the GitHub repository you’ve linked to can’t be viewed since it’s set to ‘private’, you would need to adjust the repository visibility.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate the reply. Turns out I just needed a toml file to advise the netlify server to send all redirects to the html file so that the react server can take over the routing and render the appropriate components.

I’ll put what I did here in case it helps anyone else in the future that may have a similar issue:

In the root of your frontend code (in my case I have the client and server code in separate repos) create a toml file (ex: netlify.toml). Add this to it:

from = "/*"
to = "/index.html"
status = 200

git-ACP to your repo and redeploy.

@mjhcodeman1985 Excellent, I’d thought that was likely your problem but couldn’t confirm due to the botched access to the repository, and I didn’t want to send you off on a tangent if it wasn’t.

Great work self solving.