High response times

Hello! Some users are reporting that in the last few days some requests of our page take several seconds to complete and that blocks the page for them.

the last report was this morning, and checking the status, I see that there were problems yesterday and on April 19, could it be related to this? there are several users who reported it

Hey there, @npg :wave:

Apologies to hear you encountered an obstacle. Are you still receiving reports of this? If so, can you please share the site that was impacted, as well as a HAR file?

Thanks so much.

I contacted some of the users who had this problem, and it has not happened to them in the last few days, could it be related to the high latency problems that you had last week?

hi there npg, that is definitely possible - good thing you are already keeping an eye on our status page, it seems. If not, this is site to bookmark and take a look at when things seem to be having problems:

if you can share more information about which site this is regarding, and create a HAR file for us, we can potentially provide more information if you need it still. we can at least tell you if this is a problem on our end.

otherwise, maybe you can get in touch if this happens again?

it also definitely depends on where your customers are based, what their internet access is like, and many other criteria we may not be able to narrow down without granular specifics.

do let us know what would be helpful here moving forward!