Help with starting a website using Netlify + ReactJS + Typescript + scss + server-side rendering


I already have several Netlify websites, but all made with vanilla javascript. No framework at all, I built my own router, etc…

I would like to modernize them a little and improve SEO.

I would like to use Typescript, ReactJS, SCSS, and server-side rendering.

Could anyone point me to a simple good template project I could copy and add route and components to it?

I am a data engineer by trait which means I am completely lost with the large number of options and frameworks in the front-end world.
I found a lot of conflicting information regarding the use of vuejs, nextjs, expressjs, are they require? should I use them? are they compatible with Netlify? which one?

Thank you so much for your help!


Hey there, @leoB

Welcome to the Netlify Forums :netliconfetti: you have come to the right place.

I highly recommend you take a look at our Jamstack Explorers platform. The different missions are well structured learning opportunities to set you up with some of the skills you are looking to develop!

You can use vue, nextjs, or expressjs on Netlify! You can read about them on our site, or on the Netlify blog (just search by topic!)

If you want to dive right into next.js, here is a link to three next.js templates you can check out! One of them uses server-side rendering, which you mentioned wanting. Additionally, here are templates for vue and a blog post covering express.js with functions!

Lastly, here is a great resource for getting started with Netlify, created by a former employee!

Thanks again for reaching out :slight_smile:


Hi @leoB,

In addition to the myriad resources @hillary has mentioned there are a number of Gatsby starters of which some and made to deploy to Netlify.

I also found @GR34SE/react-typescript-starter (via here) and a #netlify-cms React starter @Jinksi/netlify-cms-react-starter created by @Jinksi.

My current fav is NuxtJS (which you will find on the aforementioned Jamstack Explorers).


Thanks for the @ @coelmay. I really should update that project :joy:
Maybe a netlify-cms-react-ts-starter could be nice to have.


Indeed :slight_smile: