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Is it possible to write post on Netlify blog?


I am a full stack deveoper (Django, React) and tech writer (on testdriven.io).

Even Next.js and Jamstack is becoming more and more popular, there is no good resources talking about how to use Next.js, Netlify with Django (a very popular web framework built with Python)

After building some projects with Next.js (frontend) and Wagtail CMS (A CMS built on Django), I believe it is really powerful and I wish more people can know we can develop with this architecture

  1. Python, Django has great ecosystem and it is easy to customize to make backend API ready. Actually, I think it is better than Wordpress in some cases.
  2. Next.js (Static Generation) can pre-build static pages and the Netlify platform can help deploy the frontend app in easy way.

So the SPEED can be guaranteed:

  1. With Python, the development speed is FAST.
  2. With Next.js (or gatsby) and Netlify CDN, the web app can load and run FAST.

I already talked about something in my book leanpub, but I think it might be good option to write post on Netlify blog. (so more people can read it)

I wish to talk about the benefit of the Jamstack, Next.js, Netlify to Python developers and why they need to give it a try.

However, I do not know who I should contact, so I create topic here asking for help.