Help with deploying my-little-music-player

Hi, the following website - Netlify App is not deploying for some reason. I checked by running yarn build locally and there was an error with the environment change for node-sass mobile which I had to rebuild and my local was working fine. However, still getting the same issue when triggering a build.

Any ideas about what might be the issue?



Can you share a deploy log @Ronny (the link you provided is not a public link)?

His, is this what you were referring to? This was the last failed build - Netlify App
Don’t know If you can access it

Something strange happening here @Ronny. Any idea @hrishikesh?

Checking… will report with investigation

Not sure what strangeness you’re referring to @coelmay, I’m afraid. This looks like the classic node-gyp error.

@Ronny, try downgrading to Node 14 (specifically, 14.17.5 if I recall correctly) as explained: Manage build dependencies | Netlify Docs

Probably just me that is strange.

That fixed the issue just needed to add .nvmrc file which is set 14.17.5