Help prevent conflicting DNS records

I wanted to provide feedback on the DNS records page. Because users cannot modify an existing record, users must instead create a new record with the change, save it and then remember to delete the previous record. This makes it too easy to create conflicting DNS records and have the wrong record returned by Netlify’s DNS (it seems to favor the pre-existing entry).

Ideally allowing users to edit records would help prevent this. But if that’s not an option, even having a visual indicator in the UI that there are conflicting records would be incredibly helpful.

I just spent an hour wondering my DNS change wasn’t propagating. Eventually I found the pre-existing record that I should have deleted but it seems like the user experience right now sets people up to make this mistake. Anything that can be done to prevent or troubleshoot this situation would be appreciated!

this is great feedback - thank you! I’ll take a look and see if we have an issue filed for this, and if we’ll do, I’ll add your use case :netliheart: