Help adding Stripe Checkout to one click hugo cms

Hi, I have a site up using the one click hugo CMS but can’t seem to get the stripe checkout button to work on that page (you can see the button near the bottom). Any examples where Stripe Checkout has been added to the one click hugo? Thanks!

Hi granto, glad you found us, sorry your project isn’t working quite just yet. I moved your post to a more appropriate category. I know there are lots of people who use Hugo floating about in the broader dev community, so hopefully someone will have some pointers.

As the issues you are experiencing involves HugoCMS maintained by you might also try speaking with someone who is an expert in these areas in order to get the help you need through one of their support channels.

If you are able to fix the issue, let us know if you come across other useful resources for others in the same situation. :+1:

Hey Granto

When I press that button, I see - what seems a fairly straightforward to fix - error. See the attached, and try if it solves your error.


Thanks for helping out! @granto let us know if that fixes things.

@kevin thank you! That solves the issue I was having…can’t believe how many things I tried that didn’t work. Thanks again.

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Glad I could help! :slight_smile: