Hugo setup a subscription product using stripe

Hi guys, sorry I am completely a netlify noobie (only using it to deploy websites so far) :

 I was wondering if you have heard or ever found any tutorial on how to use netlify with hugo in order to setup a product with stripe? 
Basically I have the following website: coded in Hugo and I want to use netlify serverless functions in order to plug stripe directly, do you guys have any idea? Do you think it's doable?  

Thank you so much in advance guys!

Any idea guys on how to use Stripe directly with Hugo for subscription using netlify functions ? Did you have any documentation to share ?

Hiya, welcome! I wanted to share this resource in case it’s helpful for you:

It’s not Hugo specifically but it IS about using the Stripe API. And it’s a teeny bit out of date, so uses some netlify-lambda functionality that has now been ported over to Netlify Dev, but the example still works (I just worked through it myself :slight_smile: )

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