Bad request, missing form error - Integrating Stripe Checkout

Hey, so I am creating a simple e-commerce site by integrating stripe. My problem is that every time I click “checkout” it throws me an error of “Bad request, missing form error”. I was told I didn’t need any redirects for stripe because it’s a serverless function and was also told that I place the .env file before my .gitignore which could be causing problems as well. I’ve been working on this for months and am trying to finish this up.

main site: [] using html/css, Node.Js


Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 10.25.56 AM

I’ve also been told on stack overflow that it possibly is a Netlify setup issue. If it works when using the localhost it should work on the livesite.

Your posts:

and now this, are all about the same issue. Please stop abandoning old posts and create a new one to talk about the same issue.

That’s an invalid claim. Your local system is different than Netlify. If you don’t take platform-level differences into account, then your app is not going to work.

Not a Netlify setup issue, but an issue with how you’ve set Netlify up. Netlify is producing the output as you’ve configured it to.

Redirects and Serverless Functions are two different things. I am not sure why one would replace the other.

From your screenshots, it appears like you’re using Express. Have you made sure Express is configured correctly to run on Netlify like this example:

If not, first please do that.