Hello everyone, I'm a newbie

Hello everyone, I wanted to upload my application to netlify, but since I have no experience at all, I encounter errors that are very difficult for me to solve.

I think the problem is in the configuration files
publish = “/”
/upload /upload.html 200

I made an application in Python using the flask library

@kohtinsava Please read:

You’ll be able to use Python at “build time” but not at “run time”.

Is your solution to create a website using Jamstack.org?
In my project there is a file with html page code and using flask I connect html with python functions in the project

@kohtinsava I’m not going to assess how your project is constructed because I personally don’t have the time, but if it won’t run on Netlify “as is” you have two options:

  1. Adjust it as necessary so it does run
  2. Host it somewhere else where it runs unchanged

Before you ask, I cannot provide recommendations for Python hosting, I don’t work with it myself.

I am not asking you to evaluate my project, I was trying to provide the necessary information for better quality consultation.

@kohtinsava What I mean is, as I’m not able to check what you’ve got going on, I cannot in good conscience provide you advice that recreating it to host on Netlify would be a good option for you.

You’ll be the best judge of that depending on your knowledge of your own project and your goals.

If a primary aim is to host on Netlify then you may need to re-engineer.
(Note: If what you have runs a build and then produces a “static site” you likely won’t need to change anything.)

If the primary aim is “getting it running anywhere”, then it’s highly likely it will take you less effort to host somewhere more specific to the technology stack that it’s currently built with.

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These functions would need hosting elsewhere as Python isn’t supported in Lambda functions.