Hello every one my website show blank page need help

this my first trial i am getting blank page after deployment of github Repositories[
gethub file
brooq9/deliverybest (github.com)

thank u

@brooq9 Welcome to the Netlify community.

Your web page isn’t blank – it’s displaying exactly what is in your HTML code. The only content you have is for the <title> tag, so that’s the only thing that displays.

With no content, you’re not going to see much.

hello gregaven thank you for reply can you help to deploy this brooq9/deliverybest (github.com)

thank u

@brooq9 I don’t understand your question. Your site is already deployed, from what I can tell.

It appears that you are trying to present deliverybest/FrontEnd_ReactJS/public/index.html as your main page. That’s what displays when visitors go to your site, but there’s no content there aside from the page title.

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