Having issue with Netlify CMS

After deploying my code and I tried to access the admin panel of the CMS. The following error keep popping up:

YAMLSemanticError: Separator , missing in flow map at line 39, column 14:


Please guys help, I don’t get what it meant by seperator missing

Can you post the full contents of your config.yml?

in any case: value isn’t a valid property, it should be name

I actually found a way around that.
After successfully implementing the CMS, anytime i try to create a post, the rebuilding on Netlify fails and it is due to this error in the picture I attach…Please any Idea on how to solve this issue will be appreciated.

Could you share the link to the deploy logs?

Here is the Link : Netlify App

Hi, @Atereoyin, welcome to the forums! :wave:t6: Thanks for supplying us with your deploy log. I see you are referring to line 346. Do you have a yarn.lock file ? You will need one if you are trying to run yarn commands. Can you try the following?

  1. rm-rf node-modules
  2. Clean the yarn cache
  3. Run yarn

Yes , I do have a yarn lock file.
I will try out the procedures you outlined

Please am I suppose to run this commands locally?

There appears to be a problem with your code: Netlify App

Please check where you’re using post.frontmatter.authors.map as there’s a chance, authors is not turning up as an array that your code expects.

Hello, please help check ou that error showing up on line 125 Netlify App

Hey @Atereoyin , I did take a look at your build log and it looks like there are some additional things you can investigate. For instance, on line 105 of your build log, it says that there is an unexpected character. Can you take a look at the docs which are linked in this part of your build log and see if that helps troubleshoot further?

I corrected that error and I made another post through the netlify CMS and the build was successful according to Netlify build, but nothing is coming up on my site https://smartlign-test-test-deploy.netlify.app/

…But if I make a pull request locally ,it shows on localhost

Hello @Atereoyin - Thank you for the update here. I am able to load your site without issue and navigate throughout. I see you deployed earlier today and you seem to have fixed all the previous issues. Is this correct?

Thank you @Kai-Mavyn and other Support Engineers that asssisted in the debugging

Hi @Atereoyin :wave:t6:, thanks for coming back and know this this helped you get unblocked. Happy building. :netliconfetti: