Failed: Transfer Webflow (with cms collection) to netlify using udesly adapter

there is a problem in the file
problem as
YAMLException: incomplete explicit mapping pair; a key node is missed; or followed by a non-tabulated empty line at line 3, column 1:
5:01:03 PM: : “cop-spotting-101”

Can anyone help me with it. THANK YOU A LOT!

hi there, could you post your netlify.toml please? It seems like this might be a config error of some sort. has this worked successfully in the past?

Hi this is the first time im trying this.
And here is the netlify.toml

![Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 09.52.57|690x375]
and a error message

and here is the error message

@carina, the log is pretty detailed! You have a file with : “cop-spotting-101” in it and the file format isn’t expecting the colon (:). You should revise your syntax for this file :slight_smile: