Have private submodules but want to ignore them

Ok this is an insanely stupid question, but we have repo with private submodules. I tried to understand (I’m a noob) how to get this to work by generating a deploy key at netlify.com for the site and then going to the deploy section of the github repo in question and pasting it there.

This didn’t seem to work. Do I have to post this deploy key to all the submodules or just to the root module.

Second question is that we do not actually need to open any of those submodules, it there a way just to say do not do a recurse submodule.

Strangely, I must have done something because one of our repos with submodules works just fine and doesn’t appear to every do the recurse. Is this set somewhere in netlify.toml or maybe in the site UI. I can’t find it :slight_smile:

hi @richt

welcome to our forums! We don’t look for submodules recursively as seen here:

So this limitation works well for you it seems!