Clone repo without checking out submodules

I would like Netlify to clone my repository without checking out my git submodules: the submodule in my repository is a private repository (so the clone fails) which I would not like to deploy on Netlify. Is this possible?

Hi @gregives -

is this relevant to your situation at all?

Hi @perry,

Thanks for replying so quickly. Unfortunately the response you quoted is sort of the opposite of what I’d like to do; I would like Netlify to completely ignore my git submodule (i.e. not clone it) as I do not want to deploy its contents.

Edit: in other words, I would like a way to clone my repo without also checking out the submodules inside it.

Hi Greg!

As I mentioned in the helpdesk, I don’t see this change to our system happening very soon if at all, so let’s work on some other way to solve it.

Could we help you configure the pull of that submodule to work? If not, your options are pretty much “don’t use our CI” for today.