GUI for Non-techies? Beginner friendly resources needed

I just became aware of Netlify. In order to use tools such as Gatsby, Github and Netlify you need to be a developer. But after a site is created, you also need a good GUI so that a non-technie can easily edit the site. Is a headless CMS supposed to fulfil this need or is there something else. Thanks.

Yes, a headless CMS is exactly what you need. Netlify has its own solution: Netlify CMS. Completely open source and free! There’s a bunch of others as well:

Hi, you mind find my response in this thread helpful along with what tomrutgers said.

Thanks. Could you point me in the direction of some GUI’s that were created with Netlify CMS?
I just found the examples. It does seem like a non-technical person could use this to edit their site. Thanks again.

yeah ill check it out

You can find a demo here: