Got 404 error after trying to submit contact form


I wanted to add contact form and an option to submit informations with Netlify. Unfortunately i always got redirected to 404 This page could not be found. Console gives an error “POST 404”

Link to my page

I will be grateful for help.

Your form doesn’t seem to have the required syntax for this to work.

Since your site is using Next.js, I believe you need some extra steps as outlined here:

Hi! I am having a similar problem. I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong… Can you please help?

Hiya, sorry you are having trouble getting your forms to work.

This Support Guide is the first port of call to debug any forms issues. Please start here and work through these resources!

We also recommend trying to search the forums or look at topics tagged Netlify forms if you haven’t already - it’s likely your question was already asked by someone else!

If you are still having problems, please provide more information such as what you have already tried, the exact error message you are receiving, and a link to your live form. :slight_smile: