Google sees different HTML then I am hosting


I have moved my site on to Netlify, however I noticed that Google is now saying that my site is not mobile friendly.

Upon looking at the HTML that google crawl bot reports it sees, I can see that there is a JS file that have been put in the header of my html file and it is breaking the flow of my page and causing it to fail the mobile friendly test. Specifically <script id="facebook-jssdk" src=""> I am deliberately loading this resource much later when the page has loaded because it is a really heavy script.

No one else has reported such a thing before. However, I don’t see a link to the webpage. Kindly share one.

@namelessshameless I seriously doubt that Netlify is doing this. Netlify takes the files you give them, build the site if necessary, and then push the files to their CDN. Aside from the CDN URL, Netlify does almost nothing to the files you provide. Do you perhaps have a snippet with this code? That is the only way that “Netlify” could be doing this, as far as I know, and they would only be doing it because you instructed them to do so.

As an aside, I think the folks at Netlify would appreciate it if you refrained from calling them names or referring to them in a derogatory manner, let alone accusing them of something they almost certainly are not doing.

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