Google Rich Results Test + Search Console Inspecting Wrong CSS

Hi there,

I have a netlify site (create-react-app with tailwind) using a custom domain. The Google Search Console URL inspection tool is saying that my site is not mobile friendly - when viewing the tested page it appears as if the wrong stylesheet is being applied: . Similarly when using the URL using Rich Results Test this resource cannot be loaded:

When inspecting my live site it appears the correct stylesheet is actually located at:

I set up a redirect but that didn’t help. Is this just a caching issue on Google’s end? Or are there multiple stylesheets being set up by Netlify?


@davmc Welcome to the Netlify community.

I doubt that Netlify is setting up stylesheets for your site. Your code links to main.f622d34f.chunk.css, so that’s the stylesheet that Netlify serves. The other stylesheet cannot be loaded because there is nothing at that address.

Can confirm the URL is now submitted and indexed and the page is coming up as mobile friendly - just had to wait 48 hours for google to update