Google privacy error

When I search for my site as urrnz and not a URL the site my site is found and displayed but when I attempt to visit it google gives a privacy error stating my site is not secure. I do have an SSL certificate and this is a react app so I have included redirect rules and I have verified ownership on google and submitted a site map, I need help fixing the privacy warning when a user searches for my site by name.

On my desktop the browser displays my router information and the URL reads https://urrnz/cgi-bin/index.cgi

On mobile I get a privacy error "Your connection is not private attackers might be trying to steal your information from urrnz(for example passwords, messages, or credit cards) "
there are 2 buttons one back to safety and the other advanced options where I can choose to proceed.

any help understanding the cause and how to fix this issue is appreciated.

Hi, I am seeing a cert for your site. Are you still experiencing this issue?

When I navigate by url the site shows as secure if I type urrnz in the search bar I see this

When I checkout your sites propagation it varies depending on location. I’m curious how recently did you make changes to your DNS/doman etc?

I connected my domain about 4 weeks ago, and have not updated the DNS settings since.

The site loads for me too. This looks more like a local problem on your end. Try using a different browser/network/device or use a VPN.

I will check out my network, thank you for your time helping me with this issue, I appreciate it very much!!