GitLab merge request comments on private instance? Possible?

Hi netlify newbie. Working to setup a workflow within an on-premise Gitlab instance.

I’ve been able to get things hooked up and building as I wish via merge-requests. However I can’t seem to get the gitlab specific Deploy notifications to work - email notifications do work.

What exactly does “API url for on-premise hosts (optional)” mean? Is this just the public url for where git is hosted? I’ve tried that - leaving empty, and the full repo url with no luck.

Am I missing something here or does this feature not work with self-hosted gitlab?


I’m not sure what is supposed to go there - but it’s similar to what is mentioned in these docs:

Hopefully that gives you enough guidance that you can figure out the right thing to put there. Maybe something like:


To answer your question, yes, that is intended to work, we just don’t have our own gitlab server to test with on the Support team…