Gitlab connect fails

Trying to get started but it just doesn’t do anything after this.

Same issue here with Github! Week ago no problem …

oh, how frustrating.

let’s do some basic sanity checks before i go talk to someone about this - have you tried in a different browser or incognito window? reason i ask is that browser extensions can cause unpredictable behaviour sometimes.

I just fixed this for someone (unrelated but shows that this does cause problems)

Seems to work for me with exactly the same problem as Ryanauger95! Thank you!

We just updated the way we authenticate to git providers to cover the new migration:

Which should have fixed that behavior. Could you try again now and let me know if things are working better?

Incognito worked for me!

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@Jordi00113 - can you confirm it’s still not working in an incognito window? Thanks @Ryanauger95 - I’m glad we were able to figure that out quickly.