Getting Issue On Codacy Because Of 3 Dashes

Dear All

I created file inside of Hugo blog folder. But I getting an error on because of 3 dashes inside that file like this:

title: Blog
layout: list

How to fix this issue?

Howdy and super sorry that we missed your initial post here! We intend to respond much faster than 15 days :expressionless:

That looks like reasonable frontmatter to me, so I’d love some more details:

  • Could you give us some more details about what the error is (e.g. a screenshot or the exact error message)?
  • Is it something about Netlify, or something from this other service “codacy” you mention?
  • If the latter, have you spoken with their support team?
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No problem. I asked question about this on another forum too. And i think it’s just a false positive alert. So, I removed the pattern and the error is gone.

Thanks for closing the loop here @BayuAngora. Glad to hear it’s just a false positive.

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