getServerSideProps issues

When I use getServerSideProps the call to the Contentful CMS api fails with a 500 error. This appears on the page /blog but not on other pages (e.g. /clarity) on the same site.

I get similar errors for blog posts (e.g. blog/julian-treasure-iris-pod) if I write the URL manually in the nav bar.

If I use getStaticProps on the /blog page then I can use that to route to blog posts (e.g. blog/julian-treasure-iris-pod).

Routing works as expected locally and there are no build errors. The problems only occur after deployment.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

Hi @djr,

When you get a 500 error, did you check your Function console: specifically Netlify App?

That should tell more about the error and should have some useful information.