500 | Internal Server Error - Nextjs app

Hi there, I’m having an issue with the build on a Next.js site I’m building.

The build is successful, but I’m getting a 500 error when I visit the URL deploy


I’ve tried to manually re-deploy the app but it hasn’t worked either.

The build runs locally with no issues or error messages so not sure what I can do?

Uploading the build log to pastebin but there’s nothing of note there as far as I can see.


Hi, are you still experiencing this issue? I think this is just a latency issue at this point. Whereabouts are you deploying your app from? As you are on a Pro tier we can try changing your region and see if that helps?

Hi Sam,

I got it working.

I’ve an API route and when I was calling it, it was using HTTP. The fetch within the getServerSideProps was failing is it required HTTPS.


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