Gatsby-node.js Not Running in Build

We’ve got a Gatsby site that has been running on netlify for several weeks without issue. A few days ago the build process stopped reading our gatsby-node.js file evidenced by the build log not even output simple console.logs.

To troubleshoot we’ve downloaded the netlify build image and can confirm the build completes as expected. To make sure it wasn’t env variables causing the issue we’ve also passed in all of the exact same env variables into this build.

We’ve also cleared the cache and forced new builds to no avail.

The build runs fine locally, in docker, and in the past has run fine on the build pipeline, but something is off. We’re pulling our hair out as we have a tight deadline and have already sunk a full day of effort into troubleshooting this issue with little support from Netlify.

Anyone have any ideas?

I’m sorry to hear this. Have tried switching to a different build image?
You can do it here{replace_this_with_your_sitename}/settings/deploys#build-image-selection.

There’s two build images there xenial and thrusty. xenial is in active development and is the latest one.

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