Gatsby Incremental Builds - every page is always updated

I use Gatsby and was excited to hear about the incremental builds. However, I am not getting any speed improvements. During the build it says Gatsby Cache found, we´re about to go fast, but it always rebuilds every single page. Do you you know why?

Hey @wahlforss,

Have you checked out netlify-plugin-gatsby-cache and added this to your site? You might find that this isn’t installed… and the benefits are huge :cloud_with_lightning:!

Here’s a link to build plugin installation instructions. This particular plugin can be found in the Plugin pane of the UI for your site.

Yes I have. That’s what I want to make work. I have also added the plugin in the toml file and UI.

In the logs it says it always updates every page even though one commit only contains changes for one page. Do you have any idea why? Should I keep .cache and public directories in the git?

If it transpires that this is an issue with the build plugin itself, we may have to direct you to the plugin creator.

However, to determine this, would you be able to provide a link to the site in question, perhaps a deploy log?

My site is this: jolly-carson-331988

This is a deploy log (but you might not have access?)


So, I can see these lines in the log:

8:05:03 PM: info One or more of your plugins have changed since the last time you ran Gatsby. As
8:05:03 PM: a precaution, we're deleting your site's cache to ensure there's no stale data.

By chance, I know that this may be related to an issue with the build plugin itself. If you re-deploy your site from the UI, I’m almost certain this problem wouldn’t occur.

It’s still extremely slow even if I redeploy. Any ideas why? Is 13m normal for a site with 1000 pages?

hmm. Do you have a lot of heavy images or other files?

If yes, this might be an interesting read:

Thanks! But it still says updated page and then lists every page on the site - despite my change just affecting a small number of pages. This leads me to believe that incremental builds still are not working like they are supposed to.

Furthermore, can you combine this with incremental builds?

This problem persists but as you said it does not come up when I hit deploy again. Then it’s extremely fast. Any ideas why it thinks I change the plugin all the time?

If this is a deploy preview and we’re talking about netlify-plugin-gatsby-cache then this is a known bug with the plugin, I’m afraid :frowning: Best to track it at from the repo!