Fresh Nuxt deploy fails

Trying to deploy a new nuxt 3.8 website. Deployment succeeds but when I try to visit or it’s internal name, I receive the following error “Runtime.UnhandledPromiseRejection - Error: Cannot find module ‘@resvg/resvg-js-linux-x64-gnu’ Require stack: - /var/task/node_modules/@resvg/resvg-js/js-binding.js - /var/task/node_modules/@resvg/resvg-js/index.js”

the full log is available via Netlify internal ID: 01HD5GGD76H5TPSS2ZNJ6KXYS2. Any help appreciated.

Try adding:

  included_files = [

to your netlify.toml.

Thanks for responding. Adding the snippet above to my netlify.toml did not change the result.

Are you sure @resvg/resvg-js-linux-x64-gnu module is being installed? If not, adding the above would have no effect. Just to be sure, try installing this manually by changing your build command to npm i @resvg/resvg-js-linux-x64-gnu && npm run build.

If that still doesn’t work, try removing .server from the netlify.toml shared above, so it’s only [functions] and not [functions.server] (though this would probably not make any difference).

If even that doesn’t help, can’t say more without checking a minimal reproduction.

Thanks again for getting back to me.
You asked - " Are you sure @resvg/resvg-js-linux-x64-gnu module is being installed?"
No I’m not. I also don’t know what it is or why it needs to be installed. It’s not part of my project.

Can you explain why it’s being installed? because it seems to part of the Netlify deployment process, not part of my project build.

We don’t automatically install dependencies. You or one of your dependencies requires that dependency and without a reproduction, we can’t debug this much further.