Foundation javascript not working



I have a tri-pane website knowledge base created with MadCap Flare and which uses Zurb foundation to get the accordian menus, breadcrumbs, etc to work. For example, the “selected” class is not added to the active item in the navigation. This all works fine locally for the source and when I download a deploy. There are also no console errors to indicate why scripts are not being run on the deployed site.

I push my static files to a branch in my repo.

Any help would be appreciated!

Sadly, I feel this is not so easily possible to test without a repo. Could you make a minimal reproduction if not the full repo?

Thanks for looking into this so quickly.

I have created a temp public repo with the original template that I used.
Branch: portal


How do we test or build this website locally? This does not seem to be a stack I’m familiar with sadly, so I don’t know how to run the development server in this.