Forum Api integration

Can I ask for an integration of the forum in the Api. Every member of the forum has this page. Can you integrate this in the user section with a property like forumactivity? If the user is not active, then it should return false. I think that every member and customer should contribute to the forum, what do you think? Therefore an api might be good to show it. I know that I can link to my forum activity, but an api connection is missing.

Hey @tik9

The Netlify API interacts with Netlify, the platform. These forums are separate is that they run on Discourse. Discourse has a separate API

Netlify has (according to the homepage) millions of developers and businesses. I don’t believe asking or requiring every one of them to contribute to the forums is viable.

Why? Are you wanting to display on a separate site who is or isn’t using the forums? I don’t understand your motivation here.

My motivation is to show my forum posts on my site. ok I will try the discourse api.