Form Submissions Working Except For One User Using Firefox Android EMUI 9.1.0

Page with form:

Their details [Submit button does nothing]:
Firefox for Android, Version 102.1.1
Android 9 (EMUI 9.1)

My details [Submit button goes through fine]:
Firefox for Android, Version 102.1.1
Android 12

The form submits just fine for me and I’ve had another friend run a test which worked perfectly, and the user in question can submit the form just fine from desktop firefox—it’s just on their mobile phone that form submit button is not functioning.
When they click the submit button on mobile, nothing happens at all—no error, nothing. The button just doesn’t work.

I am also using firefox for android on my phone, so test I submitted the form from my phone and again, no issues on my end. The only difference I can identify is our phone’s android versions.

The issues I’ve found for this are caused by Netlify not being able to detect the form when the site is deployed because it’s inserted into the page with JS, but as it’s just a plain HTML form it’s doing that just fine, and as I say the form is working except for this specific instance. The WYSIWYG editor is loaded with JS but we’ve tested without and still no dice, so it’s not the editor causing issues.

Very baffled by this issue, any help is appreciated!

Hey @harrie,

As far as we’re concerned, it’s going to be hard or next to impossible for us to test a specific device and a specific browser. We can only assume it’s some local configuration that’s acting up. Did you try connecting to firebox dev tools and try debugging?

Unfortunately the friend in question is not very tech savvy and is in another country, so setting up dev tools would be rather difficult… just wasn’t sure if I was missing something really obvious! I’ve opted to just add a note at the bottom with my contact email should the form fail

I can see that you’re submitting using JavaScript. So, I can only assume that there’s some error that being logged in the console.