Foolishly named my site netflix related

Just the title, my site was suspended because it’s a netflix clone and I foolishly named it something to do with netflix. My utmost apologies and it will never happen again. I never received permission to do so, sorry for the joke and hope you all have a great one.

Hi there, we can reopen your account for you. Can you let us know what email you used to log in? Thanks!

Hello! The account is still open, I removed the suspended service and tried to re-launch.

Email :

Thanks again, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Hey no worries, we appreciate you reaching out! To me it appears the account is open and fine, are you having trouble logging in or anything?

Thanks for the replies. I think everything is resolved, it wasn’t my netlify account I had an issue accessing but a deployed site.

I resolved it by deleting the site and re-deploying and learning a new lesson!

Thanks again for the quick reaching out!