Fonts and .glb files failing to load on deployed site

I’m deploying a site from Gatsby and the site works on gatsby build with the right assets being loaded in, but when I checkout the deployed site at there are 404 errors on my .glb files and my fonts. These three files are places in my public/static folder. My .glb files are also being loaded in as content-type “html” which I think might also be contributing to them not being displayed. When I look at other sites which use Gatsby and Three.js their .glb content type is “model/gltf-binary”. How can I have my .glb files and fonts load correctly?

Hi, @grantmontgomery. I’m seeing one URL returning a 404 is:

That is because the file is actually deployed at (which returns a 200 response with a content-type of application/octet-stream):

I don’t know why the file isn’t where the HTML expects it to be but that is why the 404 is occurring.

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this.

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I fixed it and it’s loading correctly now!