Font broken since new deploy outsources assets to cloudfront

I deployed a new version of my application today; now the font is broken (compare old, working version versus new, not properly working version).

There seems to be a major change in asset handling: In the new version assets are outsourced to cloudfront (see screenshot). And this seems to cause some probelms with Vue.js’ internal asset handling:

Any ideas why assets are now on cloudfront (while they’re not on the old deployment!) and how I can stop that?

Thanks in advance and kind regards!

hi there, are you using absolute paths? if yes, then that might explain why.

If you have asset optimization turned on on netlify, then the relative path will stay the same (just be served through cloudfront) but the absolute path will change.

if you don’t want to change the paths in your app (and you have narrowed down that this is the cause) you could switch off asset optimization and redeploy, and the absolute paths will still be valid.

Yeah, deactivating asset optimization helped. Thanks a lot!

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