Followups from 25 Mar 2021 Service Degradation

Good to hear. Looking forward to the more reliable methods going forward. Just responding to this because when I saw the status page again with “this is only for people not using Netlify DNS” it makes you feel like unless you use Netlify DNS you don’t get the highest level of redundancy since that hasn’t seemed to have these short comings lately. All good though. Glad everything is back online!

@tomrutgers You can also use an RSS to email service. For example, I’ve been using Blogtrottr for several years to follow a couple of feeds via email. Feedrabbit is another option, or you can create Zapier zaps that send email, as well.


During yesterday’s outage, a client called me saying their email was not working. Getting called by them less than once a year, I checked quickly to see if their site and domain was running ok or if maybe they had let it expire. The site didn’t open as usual and I was led to a bogus domain aftermarket page, or something like that. It was actually the kind of page you’re redirected to when a site is hacked. So I first thought maybe the domain had long expired, but when I checked it, it wasn’t expired at all, and its DNS was still pointing to Netlify.

So going into Netlify to check things up, that’s when I found out about the outage. So as advised, I went on to change the old A record to the new one. I noticed that the two domains that were using Netlify DNS were not working, so I changed the A record for them both. However, the A record that was set initially was, and not So I wonder why this IP was redirecting the site to some bad website. Was there any kind of hack involved here maybe?

After changing the A record the site was still offline, so I went on to remove the domain from the site settings and add it again, and that seemed to make it work.

However, this didn’t explain why email was not working. I checked, and the MX records were missing in Netlify. I didn’t remember how this was setup before, as it had been a long time, but the MX records should have been there because email had been working all fine. I added the MX records to the DNS and email started working fine again, naturally. So my concern is that somehow, probably related to the outage, MX records were removed.

Also, there’s something else funny going on. One of the sites isn’t up yet, Netlify gives a warning saying to check DNS configuration, and to point DNS’s to, which is exactly what is set at the registrar since long ago, but a NS lookup for the domain says they are I tried removing them and setting them again to etc, but the lookup still says p05, Netlify keeps giving the error, and the site is still offline, despite there has been enough time for propagation. I tried removing the domain from site settings too, but same issue continues.

EDIT: Sorry, I confused things, my post isn’t quite clear but cannot edit it anymore.

I changed the A record for domains that are not using Netlify DNS, no problem with those.

But for the 2 domains that are using Netlify DNS, they both were opening bogus pages, and this IP was set in the DNS (probably as an A record, but I don’t remember): I removed it, removed the domain in site settings, added it again, and now they both are using the NETLIFY record. One of the sites started working fine, the other one hasn’t: is still not working. The DNS is set correctly, DNS check is picking it correctly, but Netlify isn’t yet.

MX records were not present for domain, which led for email failing. I think they somehow disappeared.

Hey @davidvm,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues! I’ve done a quick lookup and I’m not seeing any NS, CNAME or A records for I’d expect to see NS records for just like I do for so I think you’ll want to add this at your DNS provider!

Hi @Pie, thanks,

I’m using Netlify’s DNS. The domain’s name servers are pointing to Netlify correctly, but Netlify doesn’t seem to be picking it up, I keep getting “Check DNS configuration”, but it’s pointing to, 2, 3 and 4 since long ago. It was working fine before the outage, though.

Sorry about that - just seeing that somehow those www/ records shown in our UI were somehow “ghost records” - appear in our config database but not our DNS service. I’ve re-added them correctly, and they are working better now.

Thanks a lot. Happy to report that it’s working fine now.

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Thank you for confirming this, @davidvm!

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