Files will not download on production?

My resume will not download on live but will download on development? Any reason why?

hi @cpreston321 - impossible to say without looking at a live site.

If you share a URL where you are seeing this behaviour we can take a look :muscle:

what is the netlify site name please?

Hi, @cpreston321, thanks for those links and I found the root cause!

It is downloading something. It downloads this:

oid sha256:31f3d76348182bf1722c3a0895ad5c6401fd104762ac0706df446d4ad17bbbfb
size 32769

Based on that, I’m guessing that this PDF file is stored using Git LFS. If so, there is a solution to get Netlify to download and deploy the actual file (not this text pointer above).

Please add an environment variable here. The environment variable to add is the one below:


Once that is added, please then trigger a new deploy and the PDF download should work correctly. If it still doesn’t work, please let us know.

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