File path url to https url conversion

I’ve heard that netlify can somehow convert a file path url (c drive) to an https url (from github I think?). Could you please help me with doing that? Thank you.

Even if this were possible, you’d be better off getting your file paths straight from the start, rather than depending on someone or something to magically fix them for you.

For one thing, a C drive reference can point virtually anywhere on your drive, including to folders / files that are not among the files you upload for your site to work. There’s no way those files will ever get to Netlify, but your local preview may still look fine.

I suggest you fix the file paths so they work as intended for a site on a remote server.

I don’t think the file paths will work, since I’m using Google Analytics and it requires an https url.
But you implied it wasn’t possible, so…I guess I’m screwed.

Probably not, but you have to supply more information if you want a better answer.

Well, I’m making a game using RPG Maker MV, and I’m also using Google Analytics to track events that occur in the game. But it seems Google Analytics only takes http or https for the URLs.

I’m not tracking. Your original post talked about automatically converting links to local (non-public) resources to links to public sources. Now you’re talking about GA.

I no longer use GA for most of my websites, but it used to be that you could tell Google all the different forms you want to track in your website, with/without www, with/without https, etc. This, however, is not a Netlify issue, unless you are trying to set up redirects to normalize the URLs for all visits to your site and that isn’t working.

let’s back up a bit. @pokewawa, can you tell us a bit more about your game and what you are trying to accomplish? is this a html based game you are deploying on netlify?

OK, if it isn’t a Netlify issue than sorry for bothering. But just for reference: image
As far as I know, GA only accepts these two.

Its a small prototype RPG Maker MV game that I’m using for a science project. I’m trying to get GA to track the game so I can view what events players have triggered. I’m not deploying this on Netlify, I only came here because someone told me that it could help with converting the link.

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Well that game sounds pretty cool! If you have more questions about Netlify, you can always stop by and ask.

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@pokewawa Yes, there is the dropdown for http and https, but you can also type in both the apex domain and the www subdomain, so four different entries just for one domain name … if you choose to do it that way. I try to have everything routed to the https and www versions of my websites, so I don’t bother with the other three options.

Yes, but for a file URL in my c drive I don’t think either of those will work (www or not, http or https). Anyways, I know this isn’t a Netlify issue, and I’m seeking help elsewhere. Thanks for your help.

Yes, that gets back to my point about fixing your paths. In your case, this means moving assets into the file repository where they will be uploaded, and thus available via the Internet.

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