Images are being sourced from Local PC filepath instead of being uploaded to netlify's server

Somehow, someway my images are not being upoloaded to netlify anymore.
The website is trying to source images from the original local folder on my PC

It used to work before. as you can see here on an older deploy:

Im using microsoft frontscape from 2003, im trying to create a 90s website so nothing too advanced.

I dont think the problem is caused by netlify but maybe one of you guys knows how to fix this simple problem

Hey @playboicarti,

It looks like this site has absolute image paths. It seems like you will need to replace the image path before uploading. Check the directory and then modify the image URLs to match that of the folder you’re uploading.

For example, let’s say the site is referencing file://C:/Users/playboicarti/WBST/Assets/image.png. This is an absolute file path. If the folder WBST contains the entire site, you would replace file://C:/Users/playboicarti/WBST with .. to make a relative file path. ex: ../Assets/image.png

Here’s more information on relative vs absolute image paths: HTML File Paths

This didn’t work as it is still trying to grab the images locally from my pc. The images used to get uploaded to netlifys database or something like that because they got their own image link online like you see here:before - Album on Imgur

Okay, let’s start at the beginning. This is incorrect below:

The files are being uploaded. You can download your deploy as see all the files are there:

/other/whole lotta red.png
/other/half-life - first aid soundtrack.wav
/other/_vti_cnf/half-life - first aid soundtrack.wav
/other/_vti_cnf/whole lotta red.png
/logo/basement no background.png
/logo/_vti_cnf/basement no background.png

The reason they do not work is because your HTML doesn’t point to them. Here is an <img> tag in the HTML:

<img border="0" src="file:///C:/Users/ymia2/Desktop/WBST/ImagesGifs/Cross.png" width="543" height="1040">

You don’t have a build command and are using the manual deploy process. That means, Netlify isn’t causing the image URLs to be wrong. They are already wrong before you upload the HTML to Netlify.

To fix this, the <img> tag src attribute should look like this instead:

<img border="0" src="/imagesiifs/cross.png" width="543" height="1040">

If you make those changes to the HTML, the images on the page will be displayed because the URL for them is now correct.

If that doesn’t resolve this or if there are other questions, please let us know.