Few questions about Netlify + Jekyll

Hello, guys!

Please, let me ask a few questions about Netlify + Jekyll.

  1. If I create sites alone (without a team or clients), Netlify will be free for me? And what are the restrictions on the free tariff? How many sites I can deploy with free plan?

  2. Can I use personal VPS with SSH to deploy my Jekyll website? Or Netlify can deploy site only to Netlify hosting? Can I upload my site to personal VPS using Netlify?

Sorry for bad English, friends. And thank you for your work! Hello from Kazakhstan!

Hi, @zhandosweb, and welcome to our community site. (Also, your English is much better than many people I know who speak English as their “first language”.) :slight_smile:

Regarding what is included in the Starter plan (which is also known as the “free plan”) there is more information here:

There is no limit on the number of sites you create at Netlify and you may create as many sites as you want.

There is a monthly bandwidth limit of 100 GB for a team. This limit includes all sites for the team. It is a team limit and a “per site” limit. If you have 11 sites and they all use 10 GB monthly, this will put you above the 100 GB limit. Additional bandwidth is added as 100 GB add-ons and they are only billed for the month where you exceed the bandwidth limit.

If you don’t go over the bandwidth monthly limit and you don’t use any paid add-ons (for example, Forms Level 1 or additional team members), your monthly costs will be $0.

Regarding SSH access, this isn’t possible with Netlify. You can deploy directly from the command line using the Netlify CLI tool, however:

There is more information about what is and what is not possible at Netlify here:

If there are other questions, please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer.

Thank you sir for the answer!

100 GB Bandwidth is the more than just enough for me. My sites using around 7-10 GB per month.

I know, that static sites like Jekyll have very low load to hostings/VPS. So, Netlify can be free hosting for my sites, right?

And how about Uptime? Good hostings or VPS promise Uptime 99%…

Netlify should be more than suitable for your jekyll site @zhandosweb
You can read more about uptime here: Uptime on free tier? - #2 by perry

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@zhandosweb yep, based on the details you’ve provided, the free Starter plan should work well for your needs!

Thank you all for the answers! But I’m a bit confused about SLA support…

Netlify offers 99.9% Uptime only for Business plan, that starting from 1000$. It’s very expensive for small projects, like mine.

I write, that I create SEO niche sites for myself. And Uptime of the sites is very important for SEO-factors.

Netlify very convenient for code, or documentation hosting. And I very respectful of your service. But Netlify is not typical hosting for SEO-sites, right? For example news sites, affiliate sites or something else.

For example, I can get a very cheap Digital Ocean plan (5$ per month) and they are offering 99.9% for all plans. And they are better for hosting typical SEO-sites?

Sorry for bad English. I believe, that you understand me :slight_smile:

And for example. If SEO-specialist hosting his SEO-site on Netlify. Then Netlify hosting will fall for 1 day or something else.

And his site maybe have problems with Google Index, positions on SERP etc.

And why you don`t offer 99% Uptime for any paid plan on Netlify…You offer 99% Uptime only for Business plan (1000$ per month), it’s very expensive :frowning:

Sorry to be so slow to get back to you! We provide high uptime sites for all. We GUARANTEE high uptime sites with a money back guarantee only for people on the Business plan.

We’re suitable for all types of sites, but at the $0 or $45 per month price point, we do not provide SLA guarantees, just good uptime.