Feature Request - Rendertron Out-of-the-Box

I think it would be great if Netlify supported Rendertron out-of-the-box to support client side / static site SEO requests. Not only would this solve 100s of compatibility problems, it would be a great marketing tool for you guys:

I think most people here are tired of dealing with SSR generating issues, and you don’t support Angular Universal, which is crazy to me (way more popular than NUXT).

This would allow even Flutter Web to use good SEO practices.



@jdgamble555 Welcome to the Netlify community.

Netlify serves pages from its CDN, not from its servers. Therefore, I doubt this would work. According to the documentation:

Rendertron runs as a standalone HTTP server.

The same goes for Angular Universal, which uses server-side rendering (SSR):

A normal Angular application executes in the browser, rendering pages in the DOM in response to user actions. Angular Universal executes on the server […]

Yes, but you could do it through AWS Lambda Functions, just like Netlify Supports Next.js. The point is that it would redirect to the Lambda Function to Rendertron only if it were a Bot. Otherwise, it runs the static pages as normal.


hey @jdgamble555 - interesting idea for sure! But looking at the breadth of projects we currently working on, i think it is unlikely that we would consider this in the near future. That said, I am happy to pass this along to the product team and see if they are interested in picking this up.