Angular Universal with netlify

Hello Friend i want to deploy angular universal app to netlify so what i did i build the project and than uploaded to netlify and than did npm run serve:ssr than node is runing on localhost 4000 but my netlify still showing its building

this is image where clearly shown that app is running but netlify is stuck to building…Please help me how can i solve this

You can’t run a server on Netlify. You need to build a static output. Maybe npm run build is the command you want to try. It might be different according to your configuration.

Thanks hirshikesh but the problem is my angular universal ssr is running on node js localhost 4000 how can i do for that event though i run npm run build than ssr will not work

If your app purely relies on server side rendering, in the sense it can’t work without a live server, you can’t host it on Netlify. Netlify is a CDN which can only serve static files.

Yes Correct so any other way to fix this?

Can your app generate static HTML+CSS+JS files which don’t need a server?

No actually this requries server mandatory

Then sadly, you’d have to look for some other alternative.

do you know another alternative which provides free for developement

I’m not sure. Maybe Heroku might help?

ohk will try thanks for your help,i appreciate it