Feature request: Give more space to read the name of environment variables

There would be lots of space available:

And it would likely only be a minor CSS change and make managing the vars much easier.

Small change, big impact.

thank you for suggesting this - even if we could just change the column the keys were displayed in, that might be helpful.

would you mind sharing your system info you saw this on? (operating system, resolution, browser and browser information) just so we can make sure this isn’t a visual bug? thanks.

Hey @perry

This is what I see using Firefox on macOS

While I can’t speak for @User2, something like this might work better (IMHO/FWIW)

It’s not a bug, it’s as per the CSS.

It is being flexed and the right most element has flex-grow: 1.

Removing the flex-grow: 1 causes

Screenshots taken in Chromium on Linux.

great, thanks for the feedback. I have added this thread to the agenda for a meeting that happens every month with the UX team, but that call won’t happen until July. If there is news from that call, we’ll pass it back here!

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