Allow bulk add/edit of environment variables

Hi, I would love to have the ability to build edit environment variables, I have projects with more than 20 variables, and whenever I have to create another one of these it’s a pain to insert every variable one by one, which is made even worse by having to use two different fields for the name and value.
This also makes is a lot more difficult to copy production env variables to local .env files for running code against production.
Gatsby Cloud has the right solution for me, which is just a button to activate Bulk editing which just opens the env variables in a text area, just like my .env files. I’ll leave an screenshot attached below.

You can use Netlify APi to do this:

Or even use CLI which uses our API anyways.

Oh great! I didn’t know you could do that through the CLI, and honestly, I hadn’t tried to use it in over a year, it seems like it improved a lot! Thank you!