Netlify cli list environment variables has unexpected results

I am having different results when I run netlify dev env:list.

I’m using mac terminal and received 28 results. I logged into netlify account and see that I actually have 33 variables set. On a lark, I increased the height of my terminal and ran the command again. This time I received 30 results. I decreased and received 17 results. It seems that the number of variables listed depends on the height of your terminal.

I’m hoping this can be changed. It took me a while to figure out I wasn’t looking at my full environment variable list. This is time I could have spent being more productive.

While I’m here I’ll also mention that the environment variable list does not seem to be returned in any order. It would be a time saver if this could be alphabetical.

All that said, the cli is very handy and I’ve gotten a lot of good use out of it. Thank you!

Hi @bondgurus,

The issue would make more sense to be filed on the CLI repo:

The devs will see it directly and can possible action your feedback.