Favicon Not Showing Up

Hi! I just recently added a domain. Before it was knighttimesnews.netlify.app then i bought a domain and set everything up, but when i go the website with the domain i purchased via namecheap, knighttimesnews.com, I realized that the favicon is not appearing. I even cleared the cache from the computer. tried everywhere and no favicon, but if you go to the knighttimesnews.netlify.app, that one has a favicon and it is exactly the same. What is the problem? Do i need to give it time? Redeploy? Im also using github

Actually, the favicon doesn’t work on either of your sites. The fact that it shows up on your netlify.app domain is probably due to aggressive browser caching.

In your head you have a link attribute to a png that is not found:

<link rel="icon" href="/69517fbc33e2615bf032e2678597c152.png">

I have linked it. how do i fix it?

@talmax1124 You either have to make certain that the favicon file is on the server, or change the link to point to a favicon file that is already on the server but not being referenced.