Favicon isn't visibile any longer after deploying the website

Hello everybody, I just deployed my personal portfolio through Netlify and, although it still needs some refactoring for what concerns mobile responsiveness, I just gave it a try and noticed that the favicon I chose for it isn’t visible anymore. I made my website with React, I think I followed the path correctly, since locally it is still visible. This is the link to my repository: GitHub - alicelazzeri/Portfolio_Lazzeri_Alice
For those who will help me, a big thank you in advance!

@alicelazzeri I’ve only taken a quick look, but my guess is your main problem is that while you have a favicon.ico file, it appears to just be a png file that you have renamed, and it has non-standard dimensions.


Note that .ico is a file format, not just a file extension:

You can use a tool like this to turn your original image into more standard favicon files:


@nathanmartin thank you very much for your reply, I didn’t know that and it worked fine. Thanks again!