Failed to add a custom Domain (FIXED)

Hey i have a Problem, currently i want to add a custom Domain to my Netlify Website

I already have done that before with one and all worked fine but now there is the error:

Invalid domain name

We couldn’t recognize your domain name. If you’re certain that it’s valid, please [contact support] for guidance.

I own both Domains they are:

Both are not working (i currently let them redirect over with google because of that problem so if you open it it actually works to my main website but i cant add them as custom Domain!!

Is there any problem maybe with German urls like “de” and the german word “linkskurz” ?

Hi @NeikiDev

It would appear has DNSSEC enabled. This is currently not supported on Netlify (see feature request.) If you wish to use this domain with Netlify you will have to configure external DNS or disable DNSSEC if you wish to use Netlify DNS. shows as existing in Netlify DNS

% whois | grep -i '^name server'
Name Server: DNS1.P02.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS2.P02.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS3.P02.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS4.P02.NSONE.NET

Although dig NS returns nothing. This is likely because NS propagation is complete (or is broken) as seen using The domain is unreachable for me although using Opera VPN set to Americas I was able to connect to it and am redirected to

Hey Thank you for the Information, thats all i needed!

I changed the stuff i needed to do and now everything is working perfectly, big thank you have a nice weekend.

I am having same problem can anyone help me my domain is .com

Please don’t post the same issue on multiple threads @ArunTeltia .

Please follow along on the topic you started Not able to verify a .com domain