Facebook debugger throwing Error 503 when submitting URL

Hi folks, thanks in advance! -

I have a custom domain registered at Godaddy, “visualetl.com”, nameservers pointed at Netflify like so:

dns1.p03.nsone.net + dns02, dns03 and dns04

So you can visit my site using the Netlify domain:

And the custom domain, like so:

I’m using Vue-head to pre-render Meta tags, and I have Pre-rendering turned on in Netlify.

When I visit the Facebook Debugger, and I enter the following custom Netflify URL:

The Meta tags work great! Facebook picks up the og:image, og:title, all that with an http 200 response.

But when I input the following CUSTOM url in the Facebook debugger:

I consistently get “Response code 503” from the Facebook debugger.

The website is the same, literally the exact same website, but when I use a custom domain Facebook doesn’t pick up the pre-rendered META tags, even though the pre-rendering is set up and functional on the Netllify domain… please help!

Thank you!

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Hey @Chronozod,

I just checked this:

and got a 200 response. Are you still seeing this error?

Yep, it looks like there was some DNS witchcraft going on here… a little bit of patience is all it took.

Thanks @hrishikesh !!