Facebook App Domains when using netlify


I am working on an app that uses Facebook login. In order to make login work in production, it needed to specify a URL, as you see in the example below.

The generated Netlfiy URL looks like this:

I have tried to enter the URL in this manner to make it work.

Unfortunately no luck… I hope someone else has some experience that he could share with me on how to make this work.


Hey @GoJAM :wave:t2:

I think the error you’re seeing from Facebook isn’t indicating that you’re entering a malformed URL, but rather than when you have an App on Facebook, you have to assign Domains to that app; effectively telling Facebook which Domains that App owns (e.g. if I made a Jon Sully app, I would tell Facebook I own jon.fm, jsul.ly, and jonsullivandev.com) - that should be defined in the app’s settings.

I think this screen, and this error, are indicating that you need to put in a URL that’s using one of your App’s owned domains. Does that make sense?