Excessive traffic and bandwidth possible DDOS or botnet attack

My personal mikefrobbins.com blog has been hosted on Netlify using Hugo for the past 3+ years.

The last time there were any new posts on my blog was November 2023. At the end of last month, I received an email stating I was at 50% of the bandwidth usage for the starter plan. My bandwidth reset on March 2nd, and I received another email last night about being at 50% of my bandwidth usage. When I logged in to check things out this morning, I was at 70 GB for March. I’ve since upgraded to the Pro plan for the additional bandwidth until this issue can be resolved.

I also added analytics, which shows the following page views for the past 30 days:

The analytics also show about 1.5 million page views in the past seven days, with 8,000 unique visitors using 122 GB of bandwidth.

I’ve looked at several posts on this forum, but most are related to optimizations for reduced bandwidth, which hasn’t been my issue since it started occurring about a week ago with no changes to my site.

I’ve also logged a support issue. Any assistance is appreciated.

Thank you!

Something is not adding up. For one hour this morning, the analytics on Netlify show 11,603 page views. I enabled Umami analytics which shows 40 page views during the same hour.

We will continue troubleshooting this in the helpdesk.

Yesterday, I implemented several optimizations to my website’s images, including converting some to textual representations via Markdown code blocks. These images primarily consist of screenshots capturing text-based outputs from terminal commands. Despite these efforts, the optimizations have yet to produce any improvements.

Interestingly, there’s been a significant increase in the website’s traffic and data usage without adding any new content since November 2023. Specifically, the data usage escalated from 1 GB per day to 1 GB per hour, and the page views surged from approximately 5,000 per day to 12,000 per hour, starting around February 28th.

Here’s an image illustrating the situation:

Despite my various optimizations, they haven’t mitigated the unexpected increase in traffic and data consumption.

Thank you for the details, but like I mentioned, this will continue to be discussed in the helpdesk. Having the same thread on multiple platforms serves no purpose.